Hawker College 2019 Graduation

Posted on 19 Dec 2019

Year 12 2019
On Wednesday the 18th December our Year 12 students attended graduation at Llewellyn Hall. We wish our students every success in the future, whatever their chosen pathway.

We know that they leave as upstanding ambassadors for our school, joining the proud ranks of the Hawker College Alumni.

Congratulations to you all and we hope you keep in touch, and stay a part of the rich Hawker community.
For photos from graduation please click here

Hawker College Presents Spamalot!

Posted on 23 Oct 2019

Spamalot Poster

Based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spamalot is an all-singing, all-dancing comedy spectacular not to be missed. Hawker College presents a rollicking reimagining of the Arthurian legend. Just remember: what happens in Camelot stays in Camelot.


Hawker College
Murranji Theatre (Hawker College)
12 Nov 2019 to 15 Nov 2019
Matinee $10
Concession $15
Adults $20
Group 6+ $15
Duration - Approx 2 hours
For tickets visit Stagecenta 

Hawker College Mixed Oztag - ACT Runners Up!

Posted on 20 Sep 2019

Mixed Oztag Team
After winning the North Side Oztag Competition, the team from Hawker College made their way down to Erindale to play off for the ACT Championships this afternoon. 

Unfortunately they went down 9-7 to a very strong Erindale College side, however this was definitely one of the best games they played this year!

A massive congratulations to our Hawker College Mixed Oztag Team who are now ACT Runners Up for 2019.

College Sport - Ultimate Frisbee

Posted on 19 Sep 2019

Ultimate Frisbee Team
On September 6, Hawker College students participated in an Ultimate Frisbee Gala Day. Due to overwhelming interest from our students, we entered 2 teams into the competition.
Hawker 1 won two of their five games and managed to finish the competition in 5th place. Hawker 2 narrowly lost their semi-final in extra time to a team with Australian representatives. Also, they won four of their six games and managed to finish the competition in 4th place. This is an awesome result for Hawker. Overall, the students had a great time and were upright representatives of Hawker College.

Special mention to the following students who were scouted to trial for the ACT representative team:
* Taniela Fangaiuiha
* Ben Taylor
* Sam Mellick
* Daniel Mwee
* Jasmin Mecham-Crane
* Aliena Van Boogaard
Jeremy Botha, Outdoor Ed & PE Teacher

Outdoor Education - Snow Camp

Posted on 18 Sep 2019

Students Skiing
On August 14, Hawker College students embarked on a 3-day journey to Jindabyne. With the choice of snowboarding or skiing, students participated in a 2 hour lesson each day followed by free time to explore the trails. We had students with varying ability and experience; all who managed to improve over the 3 days… #proudparent
We were very fortunate to have clear blue skies on the first day, with conditions slowly deteriorating over the following two days. This did not deter the students who demonstrated awesome perseverance.
A group of students managed to get to the top of Kosciuszko and ring the bell. Overall, students had an awesome time away and are looking forward to next year.

Jeremy Botha, Outdoor Ed & PE Teacher 

Moving Towards a High -Tech Future @ Hawker College

Posted on 23 Aug 2019

Defence Visit

On Monday the 12th August, the Department Of Defence invited students from around Canberra to view their vision of how STEM will underpin the future of Defence. Hawker College sent 22 of their students, the largest contingent from any of the schools attending.

Inspiring students to seek careers in STEM:
During the presentation, students listened to lectures by Dr Olivia Samardzic and Dr Robert Hunjet, scientists working for Defence Science and Technology.
Both presentations were exciting and highlighted the range of opportunities that STEM can provide our students in the future. Dr Samardzic stressed that a career in STEM could easily be in the field of solving problems which save people's lives as well as in a laboratory. Dr Hunjet talked about how drones can implement simple natural rules to simplify communication between drones and reduce the chance of technology detecting drones or people in the field.
Outside the presentations, the Department of Defence introduced our students to a range of projects that are defining the future of Australian Defence. Examples include cognitive research on the impact of technology on defence personel, sensor systems that can detect threats, and satellite systems that support personel in communication.
How Defence is Shaping the national STEM agenda:
During the presentation, the Department of Defence was increasing its allotment for cadetships from 50 positions each year to 200; sparking the interest of several of our students.
Additionally, the Department of Defence is interested in reaching and working with students and teachers in creating a compelling and dynamic curriculum that will engage students.
Adam Carter, Engineering & IT Teacher

Mulloon Creek Natural Farms

Posted on 19 Aug 2019

Mulloon Farm
On Friday 9th August, Year-12 Biology students and a few interested Year-11s went on an excursion to the Mulloon Institute, a research-orientated farm near Bungendore. We studied restorative practices in farming, the principle of returning the landscape to its natural water cycle, and reincorporating native flora and fauna. A proper water cycle allows for far more productive farming and healthy environment. We conducted soil surface analysis, studied the landscape, and were taught the principles of proper landcare, by Dr Luke Peel. Despite the challenging weather, we had a great time, and are grateful for the opportunity.
 - Rory Read - 

Healthy Relationships With Alan Tongue

Posted on 01 Jul 2019

Alan Tongue Workshop

On Tuesday 11th June a group of almost 60 students participated in a sports clinic with Alan Tongue which focused on Healthy Relationships and Positive Choices.The students who participated were encouraged to create new gender stereotypes and engage in positive communication as a way of supporting each other and raise awareness of the effects of violence in our broader community. 

Special thanks to our amazing Sports and PE Faculty for their help in facilitating and organising this event. 

Boys Futsal Team Ranked 2nd in the ACT

Posted on 24 Jun 2019

Boys Futsal Team
A massive congratulations to our Boys Futsal Team who are now ranked 2nd in the ACT.

After winning their Semi Final against Narrabundah 7 - 4, they came up against a very good Gungahlin side and lost the Grand Final 5-2.
The boys demonstrated a high work rate throughout the entire competition winning games against Lake G, Melba Copland and Dickson on the way to the finals.  They represented Hawker with pride and showed amazing sportsmanship throughout the entire competition.

Hawkwards - A Celebration of Performing Arts

Posted on 20 Jun 2019

Hawkwards Performance Last Thursday night, Hawker College presented the very first HAWKWARDS - showcasing the talents and enthusiasm of performing arts students across various schools in our cluster. Students from Belconnen High School, UC High School, Canberra High School, and Hawker Primary School joined with Hawker College students in a jammed packed program of performances

Open Night on Thursday 30 May 6pm - 8pm

Posted on 15 May 2019

Open Night 2019

You are welcomed to join our learning community at Hawker College.

Explore our facilities, meet our inspiring team of students and teachers and enjoy our hospitality for the evening.