Specialist Mathematics and Specialist Methods

Specialist Methods (T)

This course extends and develops the Mathematical Methods T course. The major themes of Specialist Methods are calculus and statistics. They include as necessary prerequisites studies of algebra, functions and their graphs, and probability. They are developed systematically, with increasing levels of
sophistication and complexity.

Specialist Methods is designed for students whose future pathways involve mathematical and statistical
applications in a range of disciplines at the tertiary level. In addition, this course is designed for students who wish to pursue the study of mathematics itself.

Specialist Mathematics (T)

This course should be taken in conjunction with Specialist Methods. It is designed for students with a strong interest in mathematics, including those intending to study mathematics, statistics, all sciences and associated fields, economics or engineering at university.

Students will be able to appreciate the true nature of mathematics, its beauty and its functionality. There is a sound logical basis to this course, and in mastering the subject students will develop logical reasoning skills to a high level.