Reports & Year 12 Certificate

Issuing of Student Reports

Parents are advised that reports are issued directly to the student in their MI Group or by mail to their home address at the end of each semester. If circumstances prevent reports being shared with second family contacts, a second report will only be issued if requested in writing. If you are in a situation which requires a second report for your son/daughter please confirm details by emailing them to:

Year 12 Certificates

It is very important for Year 12 students to double-check their academic package carefully with their MI Group teacher during interviews in Week 1 Semester 1 and 2. Students must ensure they are on track with their Year 12 Certificate. A general guide to go by, is that at the commencement of Year 12 students have at least 10 points towards a Year 12 Certificate; they should ensure they will have the appropriate majors/minors and; that they are enrolled in the correct units for the term/semester.

All students are reminded to make sure they keep their Year 12 Certificate along with any other Certificates gained at College in a safe place. These Certificates will be required for all job applications and security clearances. The College does not hold copies of these Certificates.

If Certificates are misplaced, students will need to contact the Board of Senior Studies Secondary ( to obtain a copy which will incur a fee.